Shadow and Sunlight

Chapter 0.1- Before the Storm
Simon's Beginning-

“It’s time I introduced you to some friends of mine…”

The streets of Gammel shimmer tonight as a light rain taps down on everything you can see. Joshua’s steps seem quickened by the dingy conditions, but he still exhibits a rare, deliberate swiftness in both physicality and demeanor. He stays close to your side as you walk, slipping around peasants and through the rare crowds.

“You’ll want to keep quiet for the most part,” Joshua directs you quietly, “ ’less Namu asks ya something specific.” Joshua previously mentioned this Namu man, pronounced “Nawwmoo”, when regarding his trips to the north. Namu apparently lives in a village to the north called Cahnzu, where he runs a small general store.

“He wants you for something mundane, at first. He needs you to prove your patience, and your commitment to helping people. It’ll take days, and you’ll do little more than sleep, eat and do as he asks. Then, he’ll have one more test for you. That one will be more fun, I reckon.”

He does it in a way that not many in Silveria or any nation would notice, but you know your old friend well, and you notice him checking his surroundings before speaking again. This time, he mutters his words in one hurried breath. His serious tone falls so far from his usual demeanor your mouth falls agape in shock.

“A strange kind of war is coming that nobody has witnessed before, and you need to be ready for it.” This is the first of you hearing anything about a strange war, from Joshua or anyone else. Without missing a beat, he falls victim to a fake-ish coughing fit, though his quickened pace never falters. You look up as Joshua slows to a stop, and you see in front of you the town’s stone gatehouse.

Again, he checks all around him for listeners-in, then turns to you with a sobering look of serious business.

“Namu knows another man who may know a thing or two about what happened when you were younger….what happened with your family. He said he can’t guarantee us anything, but he’s the best connection I’ve found in years of asking around. He may ask you to do some dangerous things, though. The horses are ready and so am I, but now’s the time to be a pussy if you feel so inclined. What’s your decision?”

By the end of his explanation, Joshua’s face has adopted its much more common wry smile.


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